Saturday, June 8, 2019

“The Reality of Truth Is Greater Than The ‘evidence’ of Facts”

The light of His truth leads us where the darkness of our emotions and circumstances can't see. Evidence can be deceiving. Truth can be hidden. It seems easier to believe that the evidence of what you see defines your reality. It seems harder to rest in His truth, which at the given time might be hidden. Faith must remain in His truth, not in the supposed "evidence" of the moment. And as you grow in your identity in Christ, the Holy Spirit will make it “easier” to rest. Living according to the Spirit will become your first response, not your last resort. Feelings always align with truth AFTER the manifestation of truth’s answer. Faith aligns with the truth BEFORE manifestation takes place. Feelings are fickle. Faith is firm. Truth isn’t established by experiences but can be confirmed through them. The identity of Jesus wasn’t established by His miracles, but rather by the word of His Father. However, miracles confirmed the reality of who Jesus was. Neither truth nor experience should be discounted. They must remain in the proper order, however. Truth is established only by the word and confirmed through experience, not vice versa. Experiences can change, but the Truth remains. You have to speak to your emotions and circumstances sometimes. “Be silent emotion & circumstance! You are NOT the voices that decide my reality. You change like the wind and are as fickle as the waves in a storm. My reality and my identity have already been established and abundantly nurtured within the steady, strong, and faithful arms of Love Himself!” I REFUSE to accept current circumstances and emotions as my reality! Evidence and Truth aren't always in agreement. We choose to believe and declare as reality either our inheritance in Christ, His love for us, His word to us, and His grace and favor over every aspect of our lives, or our current state of living, our circumstances, or our emotions. TRUST HIS HEART! TRUST HIS WORD! TRUST HIS TIMING!

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