Sunday, July 30, 2017

"Is Your Life More Than Theory?"

Do you wake up everyday expecting, or hoping? Do you hope for the strength to simply survive the day, or do expect to thrive in whatever circumstance the day throws at you? I’m finding out that the choice is mine to make. No, I didn’t say that the choice to choose EVERY circumstance is mine to make, but the responses to those circumstances are. We are emotional beings. Abba created us that way. Every single person on the face of the earth has SOMETHING that they respond to emotionally. When a person tells me that they’re just not emotional, I don’t believe them. It’s true that some people may not show their emotions as expressively as others, and what gets one person “going”, may have little effect on another person, but search the hearts of each person, and you’ll find at least a handful of happenings that can engage their emotions. When you recognize the power of human emotion, you learn how to manage and channel that power toward positive responses. And those who don’t recognize it, are forever at the “mercy” of their emotional state at any given moment. Emotions were never meant to be leaders in our lives, but rather followers. They are extremely poor and misguiding decision makers. When emotions control your heart, that creates for a rather dysfunctional and inconsistent life.
As a Christ follower, I realize that my emotions must be surrendered to my new reality, and not my ever changing “circumstantial perspective”. Scripture teaches that if any person is in Christ, they are a NEW creation! And I’m discovering the depth of meaning in that passage. As I take on my new Life in Christ, and as His Spirit grows and develops in me, every aspect of my life has the potential for incredible change! How much change depends on how willing I am to surrender my emotions to the reality of my identity in Christ! That same scripture passage goes on to say, “old things are passed away, and ALL THINGS are become new.” If THAT is my reality IN CHRIST, then how I live, how I “emote”, how I think, and how I respond changes! The puzzling thing that I’ve observed in much of “western Christianity” is this—the truth of this scripture often remains merely a “theoretical” one instead of an experiential one in the lives of so many “Christians”. The Kingdom of God is waiting to express in the earth as it is in Heaven! It is waiting on the body of Christ to recognize their NEW reality in Christ, engage that reality, express it in Life, & watch God be God in our world! And THAT’S not just theory, unless you choose for it to remain so in YOUR life! I refuse, knowing what Christ did for me, accomplished for me, and desires for me to live ABUNDANTLY, to settle for theology, theory, & religious rhetoric! I’M GONNA LIVE IT! Bringing Heaven to earth! The Kingdom is here! Will you answer His invitation to live abundantly, and to spread His AMAZING message? Join me on this journey, FOR KINGDOM’S SAKE!

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