Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"How Will 'IT' Look?"

When you reach that place of “I’ve Arrived”, how will “it” look?
When you achieve the goals that your life has been consumed by, how will “it” look?
When you are finally comfortable in your own skin, and you’ve effectively dealt with your insecurities, how will “it” look?
When you’re able to confidently and somehow defiantly grin at your critics and detractors in that “how do you like me now, sucka” tone, how will “it” look? When you become the one that others turn to for guidance and coaching instead of you being the one stumbling through your existence, groping for answers & meaning, how will “it” look?
When you become “sought after” after years of “seeking after”, how will “it” look?
When you become “significant” after years of occupying an obscure space, how will “it” look?
When your decisions are no longer governed by your fears, but by the reality of LOVE HIMSELF, and the security of that LOVE, how will “it” look?
When you’re no longer in a place of “proving your worth to others” but resting secure in your infinite worth to One, how will “it” look?
In our hearts and minds we imagine what “IT” might look like to us and others when we arrive at the place that we’ve been on a seemingly insatiable quest to finally discover. The “IT” is the “finished, better, fixed” version of our self. The “IT” is what we effort arduously to create in the perception of others and even in our own distorted vision of who we think we should or want to be. The “IT” is our identity that we have mistakenly believed is defined by what we do, how we perform, or who we know. The “IT” is the lie that we buy into at an early age. The “IT” is what we’ll forever be chasing but NEVER finding within our own strength or most stringent disciplines. The “IT” that our heart is hungry to see revealed is not an “IT” at all. It is an established, tangible reality! “IT” is a “WHO”! “IT” is a Life! IT is THE Life. “IT” cannot be lived through faultless performance, or behavioral modification or manipulation. “IT” can only be realized through living another’s Life! Not through self-motivated initiative, but rather a surrendered response to a finished process! A process that was already perfected, once, by One….for you, for me! So the pressure to find and achieve the “IT” is a misguided “pipe dream”. The “IT” is not what hopefully will be, but it’s the “WHO” that is available NOW, for our past, our present, and our future! The “WHO” is fully alive, present, active, and reaching for YOU! You have nothing to prove to the “WHO”! You’re already completely accepted and APPROVED in Him! His life and love are completely yours, even at your worst! When you live the life of the ever present “WHO”, you can be at peace with where you are now on your journey in Him, and stop worrying about how you will be when you get to your later “IT”. Journey on!

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