Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"Free At Last"

Slavery! The very word can make you “flinch”! We recoil at how reprehensible the concept is! We shake our heads in regret that such a travesty could happen to ANY human being, or any race or group of people! But it did! And, it still does! Most of us barely even realize the reality that WE just might still be slaves! Yes, many of us WILLINGLY, yet unknowingly participate in the bartering of our minds, our hearts, and even our souls, through selfish desires, emotionally driven choices, and thoughtless, careless uses of our words. WE ARE SLAVES! Much like the slavery during the Civil War era, sadly, our emancipation has been completely paid for, and yet we continue to walk around clueless, still living under the tyranny and oppression of an evil yet defeated slave master!
Proverbs 29:25 lets us know that we can remain ensnared, enslaved by a cruel taskmaster—“the fear of man”! The Message translation reads this way…”The fear of human opinion disables; trusting in God protects you from that.”
So many of our words are calculated, premeditated, and “staged” with the sole purpose of being viewed acceptable & validated in the eyes of people. That’s part of the human condition. It’s the part that can immobilize our growth & development into our new identity—IN CHRIST! Through HIS Life, we have been set free from the need to perform for people, ourselves, or even for God Himself! Before we had breathed even one breath, we were validated in HIS eyes! We were loved and accepted completely & perfectly, with nothing else to prove! We have been emancipated to simply respond to, and willingly accept the Life we now have through Christ! We can now live for an audience of ONE, and HE doesn’t hold us to a standard of performance! It’s like our kids performing for us, no matter how pathetic & UN-OSCAR-WORTHY the performance may be, they are OUR children, and we rave over their performance because they belong to us, and we see them through the unwavering lens of love! Imagine HIS perfected love that so far supercedes our finite ability, and transcends our failed attempts to perform flawlessly! HIS love that found us and pursued us when we were at our worst! THAT LOVE has set us free to simply live a life of “surrendered response” instead of self-initiated efforts! When the eyes of our hearts are opened to THAT love reality, we start experiencing a freedom that puts us at rest, that restores our joy for life, and that keeps us in a place of peace as we live ALREADY APPROVED, VALIDATED, AND ACCEPTED, and without the chains of human opinion and peoples’ perspective of us enslaving our lives! What an AMAZING life! His life! His gift! And it’s already been paid for, FOR US! It’s our decision to respond! To reject or to receive! To reject, keeps you on the treadmill of image, performance, and trying to be good enough. To receive, releases you into the life and benefits of being HIS child, living in HIS love, and by HIS life! HE was good enough! He finished the performance! You ARE free! FREE INDEED! Journey on! Peace!

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