Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Flag of the Day, Married and Gay, & Angry Zealots Have Their Say"

Considering the toxic, volatile vibe in the country that has erupted over the last few years, I thought I’d do my part to lob a “verbal” incendiary device into the fray. I can assure you, no offense is intended. Divisiveness has seemed to dramatically intensify, over the last few years in America. No doubt, this has been augmented and exploited by an overtly biased media. A racially motivated, tragic hate crime in a house of worship, an absolute “brewhaha” over flags, two separate SCOTUS rulings—one, an especially historic ruling—and an angry group of Christians that haven’t been this riled up since possibly the crusades. Now, I’m not gonna argue here, or present a case for one side or the other. That’s not the point of writing this. While I do agree that the SCOTUS woefully overstepped its bounds, and with politically biased interpretation, legislated from the bench, redefining a God-ordained institution that was NEVER established by them in the first place, and did so in arrogant defiance to the will of a majority of citizens, I’m not here to take a red versus blue, liberal versus conservative political stand here. My purpose goes much deeper to the real issue, and the root of the cultural chaos we are now witnessing. The real issue is being overlooked, and drowned out by the meaningless noise, distractions, and diversions caused by behavior that is simply a smokescreen. The true enemy of humanity is orchestrating this smokescreen skillfully and with sinister motivations, and so many are complying with his tricks, smoke and mirrors, and illusions, like mindless mice following the evil pied piper. The enemy knows how to engage emotions, and he is a master manipulator of the human mind. If he can create an “us versus them” narrative, and through diversion, divide the attentions and focus of both sides, causing them to level attacks against one another, then he can desensitize people and divert the “action” and attention away from the real disease, and the Cure for the chaos of culture.
The obsession to be “right” in opinions, perspective, and viewpoint has fueled debate, arguments, and even self-professing “God-endorsement” of our ideas and philosophy. Christians have grown quite skilled in co-opting God to endorse their belief systems, misrepresenting His Word, and using shame and condemnation as their strategy for exposing wrong in others, while highlighting “right” in themselves. I find it interesting; however, that the Christ so many of them claim to speak for and represent, didn’t “handle things” at all the way many of His “followers” do today. He didn’t come protecting His reputation; conversely, He made Himself of no reputation. He didn’t defend the position of the religious culture of the day. He came speaking truth in love, and proclaiming Life everlasting, God’s Kingdom, and His heart. I’ve heard it described this way, “He didn’t come to take sides, He came to take over.” He only did what was in agreement with the will of His Father. He came to seek and save that which was lost—proper identity and right standing with God. He was on a mission of saving, not condemning. He didn’t compromise the reality of right and wrong, nor was he "soft" on sin, but He knew that darkness becomes a non-issue once the Light is turned on. He didn’t allow Himself to become embroiled in surface, appearance focused debate, or symptomatic results of a much deeper issue. He reached for the hearts of people, and offered them Life, Grace, Freedom from sin, and Transformation in their lives and lifestyles—the things that characterized WHO HE WAS, and who we are, once we are IN HIM.
Somewhere along the timeline of Christianity, identity has been lost, or distorted at the very least. The body of Christ has become more focused on righting wrongs, exposing transgressions, and zealously standing for noble causes, than they are at simply living life from the source of their true identity, IN CHRIST, by His Spirit working in and through them. They’ve cursed the darkness, exposed sin, and made the sinner feel condemned as they are made increasingly conscious of their sin, all the while, the church seems to be failing to accurately represent and walk in His Light, turn His light on in the darkness, and focus the consciousness on the cure for sin—the finished work of the Cross of Christ. The Gospel has been misrepresented, and distorted to the point where “good news” has been replaced by noble sounding “right living” through following principled lists of do’s and don’ts, self-discipline, righteous appearances and personal performance.
One thing much of Christianity seems to have forgotten, at least in our country, is that the abundant Life that Jesus gives cannot be lived out by the “goodness” of feeble humanity. We can’t “copy” the way Jesus lived by rote from our strength, good deeds, or self discipline. It still takes the Life and the power of the One who gave that Life through Christ. He didn’t come to make us better humans, who are more skilled at following lists, performing flawless, morally astute lives before an admiring public. He came to make us new creations! Every part of us! The Gospel is the “holistic” good news! It covers every single aspect of our living.
I’m convinced that the defining negative issues of culture through the eons of time would have been non-issues had the body of Christ been more interested in sticking to THE GOSPEL, encouraging living from identity in Christ in her members, and pointing people to the Cross of Jesus, instead of vacating her leadership role in the world, retreating to divisive religious subcultures, co-opting the systems of the world, building institutions, personal kingdoms, and attempting to become “relevant” IN the culture instead of presenting the relevance of Christ TO the culture. The body somehow got sidetracked in dissention among her own tribes, and division of theology, philosophy, and doctrine. And sadly, much of the division at its core, was over semantics. What a devious and masterful divisive tactic of the enemy. The church became reactionary through the years every time an issue of culture and Godlessness manifested, instead of proclaiming Christ the answer in a proactive sense before those issues came into being. She was always one step behind the culture instead of determining the culture, by declaring and manifesting a “new” culture—the Kingdom Culture. She created an “us versus them” mentality with people in the world instead of exercising her God-give authority against the spirit of the world, while copying their systems and adopting their mindsets. She failed to see the real enemy and became victimized by the deception of symptomatic evidence—taking up “religious” causes against others, instead of being the ambassadors of Christ and taking up HIS mission and heart. The real enemy lulled the church into distractions, taking her eyes off of the real enemy and the real issues of peoples’ hearts. The church became involved politically, financially, and socially with the systems of the world, while trying (but failing) to effectively “package” those systems in a sanitized presentation. A mixture message, a mixture mindset, and an instability to consistently function in power, Grace, and authority—the very things Christ empowered her with.
It shouldn’t be a shock to the church when the world acts and lives like, well, the world! But it seems that it is, and that her primary role is to combat culture at it’s surface level. In doing so, the church has vacated a leadership role in culture, and the vacuum left there was eagerly and quickly filled by the forces of darkness. By the time the church sees the enemy manifest, she begins to lash out and react at the symptoms and the victims of the real enemy--the people. She goes after “flesh & blood”, while all the while quoting scripture--from memory instead of passionate belief, Grace, and authority. And the spirits of darkness—where the real war should be waged—laugh as the “us versus them” narrative continues to be echoed on every front in the name of defending truth and righteousness. And people are victimized, criticized, condemned, and marginalized. The church is mired in a debilitating identity crisis. She seems to be fighting FOR “righteousness”, justice, and truth, instead of fighting the real enemy FROM that position. The whole earth is groaning for the sons and daughters of the King to take their rightful position of ushering in His Kingdom and His will in earth as it is in Heaven. But the swatting at the flies continues. The distractions of the symptoms is clouding the reality of the genuine heart needs. And the church in identity crisis fades deeper and deeper into a “sanitized” and irrelevant section of culture, continuing to “take up” righteous causes, humanitarian issues, and moral justice campaigns. But they are in the defensive posture, and slowly but surely being driven into silence when it comes to the direction of the nation.
It is time for the citizens of the Kingdom to reconnect, re-engage, and declare who we are, who defines our reality, and WHOSE Life we live by in every aspect of life. We are IN CHRIST. New creations. Old things are gone. All things are new! This changes everything. In every area of our existence, we can move in abundance, authority, power, love, and grace, because our DNA, our identity is BRAND NEW. The finished work of Jesus on the cross gave us NEW IDENTITY! Our DNA flows from the blood of Jesus. As Jesus was, so are we in this world! As the body of Christ with many members, it is time for us to begin to declare, to believe, to live, and to advance His Kingdom! Christ has paid it all, finished the work, and guaranteed the outcome! Now, He invites His body to take their place, take the fight to the real enemy, which ironically has already been defeated. He has empowered us to take every territory back, and proclaim the words of the prophet Isaiah, which were later echoed and fulfilled in Christ, “THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS UPON ME, BECAUSE HE ANOINTED ME TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THE POOR. HE HAS SENT ME TO PROCLAIM RELEASE TO THE CAPTIVES, AND RECOVERY OF SIGHT TO THE BLIND, TO SET FREE THOSE WHO ARE OPPRESSED, TO PROCLAIM THE FAVORABLE YEAR OF THE LORD."
This is our identity! The church needs to BE and walk in what we were created to be. She is not an institution, a religious idea or organization, an entrepreneurial venture, or a political force fashioned after the systems of the world. She is ALIVE, the life giving, organic, Grace-infusing, powerful body of Christ, the bride of a King! She is on a mission of reconciliation and redemption, not condemnation. She is not a cultural reaction, she was created to determine the culture for Christ, and manifest the Kingdom with no end. It’s time to reflect our King, and to represent the face and the heart of our Savior, Jesus! Abundant Life in every area of existence is ours through Christ. He is the answer for all. He is the cure for culture, and the Hope for every person. Our true identity awaits, revealed in Christ, and lived out practically and powerfully by His Spirit in us, covering us with His Love and Grace. Do you remember who you are?

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