Sunday, July 2, 2017

“A Reminder About Bitterness and Rejection”

Bitterness and unforgiveness will derail your destiny faster than anything. And yet in our humanity, we are most susceptible and vulnerable to these two things. The only way to overcome them is to live our life, not from the limitations of our humanity by the futility of self-discipline, religious principles, or will power, but from the reality of the abundant, overcoming life we have through our identity in Christ, by the power of His Spirit. Bitterness and unforgiveness often have roots in rejection. Have you been rejected? Have your gifts, your talents, your personality, your work, or your heart been ignored, overlooked or rejected by your peers, those you admired, a loved one? Jesus was despised and rejected, even by His own people, and those He came to save. He wasn't negatively affected though. Why? He was completely accepted, validated, and approved by His Father, even before His first miracle or message. At His baptism by John the Baptist, He heard, "This is my BELOVED Son, in whom I am WELL PLEASED." Those words were all that mattered. In Christ, those words are to YOU too! Don't allow any root of bitterness from rejection to grow in your heart. REST confidently in the reality of WHOSE you are, and HIS heart toward you! Rejection doesn't have to define your reality or your identity! IN CHRIST, you are accepted, beloved, validated, and treasured! THAT is my identity! THAT is who I am! Man's rejection is insignificant in light of the reality of my true identity! Good news! Bitterness toward anyone will keep you from living fully in your identity In Christ! It's the great thief of the riches we can enjoy living in Christ. Don't let it hang out in your life. In Christ, we were given authority over it. It's our choice though, to live with it, or get rid of it. Don't settle for an anemic, “Christian-lite” life. The earth is groaning, waiting for us to take our rightful place as Sons & Daughters of God. We’re not waiting on God. He’s done it all, and Jesus has sat down. It’s our choice. I’m tired of making excuses for my humanity. I’m focusing on the perfection of Christ. That is my identity! As long as we allow our old nature to be an “excuse” for not realizing the “Hope of Glory”—Christ, living through us in every aspect of life, it will be.

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