Sunday, June 11, 2017

“The Navigator is Not A Lincoln”

The journey to the end of yourself is long, agonizing, and maddening. I should know something about this, as I’m presently engaged in the journey. Not only that, but it is a “one lane” road—you have to travel it alone. Of course, you DO have a Navigator and guide who is more than willing to travel with you, if you so choose. But be prepared, for much of the time, He may be silent. At times, He only listens to your questions and frustrations, offering little explanation as to where you are on your journey or why you’re there. Though sometimes your emotions would lead you to believe He’s absent in your tears, be assured, He’s there holding you, silently weeping with you. He’s been exactly where you are, He’s felt ALL the emotional upheaval! You will “feel” alone, abandoned, rejected, mad as heck, but regardless, HIS truth stands AND is a reality even though every sign, every mile marker, and every familiar landmark give evidence to the contrary.
The deeper you get in this self-revealing journey, the more helpless you’ll feel. The more nauseated at yourself you’ll grow. This could be a side effect of pride leaving you. You’ll start feeling less and less the need to defend yourself, or make yourself “look” good. You’ll humbly accept responsibility instead of searching for excuses. There may be a tendency to completely loathe yourself, and everything and everyone who had a hand in your development. Ask the Navigator to reveal the root causes, but do NOT look for a place to lay blame. Extreme emotions will demand a voice and a response. You’ll comply many times, BUT, never let them take root in your heart. Let the Navigator preserve your heart! He’ll guard it with His life! You’re safe in your frustrating expression to Him. Abandon yourself to the wisdom and mercy of the Navigator! He can handle your emotion, your questions, even your mis-placed blame and anger! Just stay close to Him! Never pretend with Him! You never have to! You never look bad to him!
You’ll be reminded constantly about the things you’ve grown to hate in yourself. You’ll see those things in other people, systems of thinking, and beliefs. You’ll have a hard time separating the spirit behind those things from the people who evidence them in their lives. Hang in there! Don’t keep it inside! Cast it all on the Navigator. He invites you to! He can handle it! You’ll be judged by others continually! You might as well just accept that! It will still piss you off, and make you want to “rip them”, fight them, expose them, or loudly accuse them. But sadly, you can’t keep people from judging or giving their “ivory tower”, self righteous, “demi-god” perspectives. Ask the Navigator to free you from the opinions of others! You’ll NEVER be able to love them, until you care nothing of their opinions of you OR their validation and approval!
It all starts, continues, and finishes in faith in the reality that the Navigator is for you—He loves you completely and perfectly! Live and journey in THAT reality, and let THAT reality be the force that gently, purely, and surely guides you on this journey!
Allow the Navigator to help you see through His perspective! He knows the way and everything about it!
You quite possibly will lose every hint of self-assurance, self-esteem, and self- confidence! Don’t fear this! The Navigator wants to properly place the assurance, esteem, and confidence safely in Him alone!
You’ll be prone to hurting those closest to you at times because you’re wounded. All you know is “it hurts”. Like a wounded animal, sometimes you don’t know the difference between help and hurt. Your trust may have to be restored in relationships—even the relationship itself may have to be rebuilt—The Navigator’s way. You’re experiencing a death of sorts, you’re being re-made…that is IF you allow the Navigator to continue leading you on this journey!
As the Navigator lovingly unearths things in you, your reactions might be drastic and erratic. Just hang in there! Don’t “abandon the journey”! Don’t suppress your emotion! Vent to the Navigator! Just “collapse” in the love, mercy, and wisdom of the Navigator! You’re safe there! He’ll hold you tight for as long as it takes for you to renew your strength to continue the beautiful, yet painful journey of coming to the end of yourself. As the journey goes on, look for new strength, new love, healing, freedom, peace, and oases to stop off at and join with other “pilgrims” to rest, refresh, encourage, and love on those who are on this same, yet unique journey with the Navigator! And so we travel on.

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