Sunday, June 4, 2017


We are all guilty. We are all human. (Well, the jury’s still out on some people I know.) We depend heavily on our senses to define our reality. I’m not a religious person, nor am I a “traditional american christian”. By the way, neither was Jesus, so I think I’m cool there.
I am, however, a passionate Christ follower! And THIS is what has turned my whole world upside down, wrecked my long held ideas and opinions, undermined and redefined my paradigms, and quite frankly, revolutionized my life in a beautiful, love-showered, peaceful way! Now, I’ve not “arrived” yet, but I have had a glimpse of my true identity, and I’m “in route” toward that!
I never realized until the past couple of years just how much I’ve depended on my senses, my tainted logic, external opinions and perspective to define my identity and my reality. It’s easy to fall into that trap, especially when society, and a majority of the people I know seem to follow that path. It’s easier, more popular, and more people can identify with you. I guess it’s true that “misery” DOES love company.
The thing is though, I’ve never been one that is cool with conformity. I’ve never accepted for my life the standard reasoning of “everyone’s doing it”, “that’s life”, or “it’s the recognized norm”. I’ve experienced a sort of clash of the titans within my soul for years. On one hand, I’m a creative, child-like, hopeful, free spirit who desires to explore possibilities and who dares to believe for the best. But on the other hand, I have faced an intense fear of rejection for years which has indeed caused me to accommodate others, be controlled by their opinions of me, and compromise my unorthodox, God-given yearnings for the sake of being validated and accepted! So, you can imagine what a hell-ish existence THAT can be! A constant tug of war, with my heart caught in the middle. And lost in all of that chaotic crap was the truth of who I really was, and how abundant my life could be when I discovered that reality and lived in that space. LIVING LOVED! What a freedom! What a Life! And yet, for years, I only believed, in theory, and in anyone else’s life but mine, that THIS might be experienced in some limited and temporary way. My senses, surroundings, and experiences were my lenses of life.
Love Himself sees us in a different reality! It is NOT filtered through religion, opinion, or intellect. Love sees us complete, full of potential, lacking nothing, and priceless! Through the ultimate expression of Love, Life, and Giving, our identities were forever changed! THIS identity is true! Love Himself sees us not through the fickle perspective of opinion, reputation, or human validation. Love’s reality of us is pure, and cannot be improved through self help, self promotion, or self “worthiness”. When Love Himself declares who and whose we are, that is settled! It’s a done deal! Our fight comes in placing our faith in what Love declares about us, and not what our senses tell us about who we seem to be. Our senses are constantly changing, and forever influenced by external happenings, ever-changing perception, and fickle humanity, quite frankly. Love’s definition of our Life is the unshakable, secure foundation that nurtures powerful possibilities, limitless wonder, and divine creativity! We have an example of what this life can look like. He’s our one standard, our source of faith, hope, and strength. He IS Jesus, Love Himself! His life CAN BE our life! He’s inviting us into this incredible reality! But, it just might lead you on a journey, a journey of trusting in Love Himself, a journey that may seem………senseless! What a journey, what a reality, what a LIFE! Peace!

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