Wednesday, June 14, 2017

“Puzzled By Parts”

We are so prone to make much ado about the smaller parts of the big picture! It’s easy to forget that the world doesn’t revolve around our whims, agendas, or our legendary attempts to manipulate the “cosmos”. We’re simply a “small part” of a much grander, far-reaching purpose than we often times seem to be aware of. Just like it’s nearly impossible to identify or guess the “finished product” of a one thousand piece jigsaw puzzle by focusing on one small, seemingly insignificant piece of that puzzle, so is our futile effort to try and identify the “whole picture” and the significance of our existence, by looking solely at “random” circumstances, events, or seasons of time by themselves, without the context of the greater purpose in which we simply play one part!
We’re so good at taking ourselves way too seriously, and exhibiting an over-inflated ego through the choices we make, the priorities we set, and the way we view the world and people around us.
Anything of substance that we see through our lives will only come through our connection with Love Himself in relationship, allowing Him to work through us for the GREATER PURPOSE—not simply to further our “small part” of the Greater Purpose.
We make our “small part” the WHOLE puzzle, and thus put the emphasis on our success, our performance, others’ perspective, outside opinions, and validation of “our small part”. Our efforts are predominantly spent for the benefit, and the sake of our “small part”. Our motives for doing what we do usually live on the side of self promotion and preservation of our “small part”. We evaluate the world and it’s goings on through the keyhole size lens of “self”.
We constantly look for the comfortable, familiar, or convenient to express our “small part” so we can somewhat control, manipulate, and orchestrate the “success” of our “small part”. It’s a “ME-centric” culture and paradigm that is so easy to fall victim to.
Our desires are motivated by our “small part” instead of HIS Greater PURPOSE!
The betterment, advancement, and display of the skills, gifts, or talents relative to our “small part” become the center point of our existence, instead of being willing and available to exhibit our gifts, talents, and abilities in WHATEVER capacity benefits the GREATER PURPOSE—even at the “risk” of obscuring our “small part”!
The greater purpose of Love Himself should be central to who we are. Our intimacy and relationship with Love Himself can fill us to the point of overflowing to the “outside-of-us” world—where our very lives are lived, naturally, peacefully, and passionately serving the Greater Purpose! Living relaxed, unencumbered by the constant assault of selfish whims and motivations, is the picture of what I tend to believe it really means to live a “John 10:10” kind of life—an abundant life.
Our “small part” will have varying impacts on the greater purpose from time to time—sometimes seen by the masses, and sometimes seen by only 2 or 3, but when our “small part” becomes the cornerstone for our existence and the focus of all our efforts and decisions, it’s then that it becomes difficult to love, to live loved, and to allow His greater purpose to invade our lives in beautiful, unique, powerful ways. We keep Love Himself in a “box”.
When we’re controlled by a self-seeking motivation to promote and express our “small part”, then all we’ll seek is acceptance, validation, and the approval of others, and THOSE are like drugs! You never get enough of them, and will never be satisfied, thus, our obsession becomes to seek the good of our “small part” at any and all costs, instead of seeking and serving the greater purpose of the establishment of Love’s Kingdom!
Lasting and significant promotion comes from God, NOT from self. When our focus is on the greater good, our gifts and abilities have a way of finding their place of greatest impact and service, however, the motivation for using, and achieving through our gifts should find their heart in a desire to help facilitate The greater purpose of life— which is something much bigger than our “individual” cause.
That’s why our hearts and our gifts must remain intimately connected to Love Himself. His life lives through us, reaching, touching, and serving the world around us—even at times, allowing us to enjoy the “spotlight” or the accolades. Of course, if our hearts are in the right place, the “credit” or “affirmative words and actions” are reflected back to the source of “every good and perfect gift”, Love Himself.
We are called to ONE PURPOSE. Our abilities, “vocational expertise”, or talents do NOT define us. HE does! And His love-motivated, heart-reaching “definition” of us transcends how “big or small”, how hidden or seen, how grand or “obscure” our parts may be. They are ALL needed and valued to help fulfill Love’s greater purpose! For no matter how small the piece of a large puzzle may be, without that one piece, the puzzle is still incomplete!

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