Sunday, June 25, 2017

“Love, The Reality or the Illusion”

God is Love! It is HIS nature, and it was HIS idea--His expression to humanity in and through Christ. Therefore genuine love can only be truly expressed from an intimate connection to the heart of God. Humanity's warped, self-indulgent, emotionally controlled ideas of love, acceptance, diversity, and validation have corrupted and distorted "love", and have misrepresented HIS heart of true love. The wounded hearts of people whose choices and decisions have been made as a result of being hurt, abused, or rejected do not define or change the true meaning of love, regardless of their attempts to do so. Love brings us into God's heart for us, it doesn't leave us in our erroneous ideas of what Love is, nor does it invite us into ANY false sense of self-indulgent expression which is contrary to His heart and destructive to our lives. Sadly, much of christianity has been complicit--albeit sometimes in ignorance--in distorting His heart, and His Love, and in failing to understand and live according to our identity IN CHRIST, and what that looks like in every area of a Christ follower’s life. This has led to gross mishandling and ineffective ministry relative to the issues of culture, and a failure to see revolutionary heart change through the manifestation of His Kingdom in this earth. Instead, the systems of this world have stepped into the "leadership" vacuum of culture, created by an absent or introverted "church", and culture has taken it upon itself to define right, wrong, love, hate, and the like. The body of Christ was created to define culture from the heart of God, NOT to be some "reactionary" group that is constantly on the defensive, seemingly one step behind the enemy's agenda, thus "swinging & missing" at each opportunity to positively effect the lives of hurting people through the Gospel of Jesus, and the establishment of His Kingdom in this culture.

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