Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"And Now, A Brief Pause and Personal Statement Concerning This Election"

I am writing this, hoping you will hear my heart. Those of you who know me or have spent meaningful time conversing or hanging out with me will know that I’m not coming from a place of shaming, personally attacking, or demeaning anyone with an opposing viewpoint. Those who are simply looking to be offended, or provoked to a hostile or argumentative reaction, well, respectfully, your judgment of me is of no significance, and any short-sighted analysis you may offer as to the motivation for my sharing of these words, or the intentions of my heart, without taking the time to hear and know my heart, carry no weight at all.  I am passionate about seeing our country have an unprecedented (at least in my lifetime) reformation, and an awakening to the heart and purpose of God. So if you mistake my passion for mean-spirited rhetoric, I’m afraid you’ve missed the point, and my heart, altogether. I honestly couldn't care less about the political ramifications of this election. That's not what matters to me, and that's why I won't argue "politics". It's futile--like "spitting in the wind, or tugging on Superman's cape", to borrow a line from a Jim Croce tune. Democrats and Republicans alike are pretty much two flavors of the same ice cream--”Power, Money, and Corruption Parfait.” To me, this election is about a spiritual war for the heart & soul of our nation. And it's about the needed awakening of the body of Christ from our collective and prolonged slumber and acquiescing to the compromise and deterioration of a culture moving away from Christ. This election is about Christ followers taking their place on the front lines of the direction and influence of culture, and helping to usher in HIS KINGDOM! Please keep that in mind when you read (if you read) my posts that may "appear" political in nature. I'm not looking to argue, but only trying to encourage us to seek the face & heart of God concerning this election, and the direction of our country. You can smell the pathetic stench of desperation in the stunts and biased, empty words of the liberals and global “elites”, when they parade out an 11-year old video of Trump being lewd, and somehow THAT'S unforgivable, while they protect the epitome of a corrupt politician, and deceiver & liar, somehow minimizing or justifying everything she's done! And the media is ALL IN, and complicit in this ridiculous charade and politically biased smokescreen. Wise up America! Trump's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but he's a far cry from the corrupt, truly "deplorable" option on the other side. And don’t kid yourself, a “no-vote” is a de-facto vote for the liberals, and their Godless agenda. Politicians try to hide their skeletons, but Trump's "closet" is wide open and his skeletons have been partying in public for a while now. This election is WAY BEYOND politics and political parties to me, and that’s why I feel compelled to speak out. This isn’t democrat versus republican versus independent. This is, in my estimation, a politically “fronted” microcosm of good versus evil. We're in a fight for the soul of this nation. We are at a tipping point, and the spiritual significance of this time in the history of our country is crucial, and unprecedented in my lifetime! I haven't said a lot about this election--politically speaking-- because as I've said before, I believe that politics is a futile, corrupt system, that offers no lasting hope, and provides no substantive answers to the genuine needs of this country. My involvement and my choice in this election are based on 2 things--1. I believe this election is representative of a crucial, pivotal time in history for the body of Christ and a culture that desperately needs a course correction, and a returning to the heart and purpose of God through Christ. My choice comes from a spiritual foundation, and with a conviction as to who I personally believe (through prayer, research, and ignoring the typical politically biased BS generated by the media) that God just might be raising up for this time that we are in. 2. It is a civic responsibility and privilege to vote as an American citizen. By doing so, I also hope to honor the brave men & women through the years who sacrificed and fought to provide me with the right to vote. I will vote for Donald J. Trump. The alternative, in my opinion, is completely contrary to the direction we need to go as a nation, and as Christ followers. Do I believe Trump is a perfect person, candidate, or leader? Of course he’s not. He is flawed in many ways, although it is refreshing to me to hear someone who says what he means--without fear of offending the politically correct speech nazis--and isn't afraid to confront issues in an unconventional, no nonsense manner. Besides, history has certainly proven that God will raise up WHOEVER He sees fit, regardless of what the talking heads, political voices, or religious police prefer. Oh, and many of those who God raised up were flawed, damaged, unconventional, and polarizing outsiders, who afterwards became great heroes of faith, and Kingdom builders. This is simply my perspective and opinion, not an invitation to an argument. So, If you feel the need to argue, criticize, or lambast Mr. Trump, your comments will be deleted. And lastly, I have to say, even at the risk of offending, which is NOT my intention, that the wimpy political correctness of many ministers and aspiring Christian cultural influencers--including the poser "faux" liberals of Christianity--is disheartening and disingenuous to me. They seem afraid to show preference toward Trump over Hillary. They prefer instead to put forth a “safe, acceptable tone of neutrality”--perhaps fearful of attacks on their image or tax status--and talk negatively of both opponents while lamenting that there is not a better candidate. I guess they do this so they can remain in the good graces of other liberal "emergents" and appear "relevant" to current culture. We need to “man up”, and in the heart of love, speak out truthfully relative to this election, especially considering the spiritual significance of this vote, and the pivotal importance of this election in culture for this time. Jesus knew how to expose the hypocrisy and corruption in the Pharisee heart--the religious and political establishment of His day. Throughout history, God has raised up other people to do the same--flawed, broken, polarizing outsiders--who were a threat to the establishment. I believe we are seeing that happen in today's religious and political setting. It is ironic that the passionately religious, conservative & liberal—even those who zealously pursue social justice and fairness for all, who demand grace for those who have committed wrong against others, and even loathe those would judge, stereotype, and accuse the guilty—are some of the same people who are unwilling to offer to Donald Trump the same grace, forgiveness, and the same opportunity for God to change him, and use him for His Kingdom’s sake. They are foolish to forget that God can raise up whomever He chooses--without their sanctimonious approval, or pharisaical endorsement. Remember this, before Peter became a rock, he was simply a roughneck Simon. Before there was an Israel, there was a deceiver named Jacob. And before Abraham and Sarah gave birth to a great nation of faith, they were just barren old people, who before Isaac, only had a wild man named Ishmael for a child--who, by the way, has been an enemy of Israel ever since. To God, your future isn't limited to or determined by your past. Why do we do that to others--even those that God may have chosen to be great leaders for His Kingdom's sake--when God doesn't see us that way? His Kingdom come, His will be done, in earth, and in our nation, as in heaven!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"The Caveman Who Forgot Who He Was"

For much of the past 20 years or so, I have lived in a cave. Well, let me clarify.... not a literal cave...not yet anyway. I'm thinking that once we hit a “certain” age or place on our journey of grace and recovery, IF we are willing, there's an invitation we receive--an opportunity to a pilgrimage into solitude and silence away from the call of the clamoring culture or the watchful eyes of peers, fans, critics, or rivals. Maybe I was a freakin' idiot, but yeah...I accepted that invitation into the cave. Of course, at the time, I had NO clue what that would entail. I was thinkin' more of an occasional visit into the cave, nothing too long or too intense, but just an optional, casual jaunt into that setting--really more of a sightseeing excursion from which I could return to "normalcy" and the demands of reputation and image, at will. Yeah right! Did I get an industrial sized dose of reality!!! The door of this cave, once you're inside, can only be opened from the outside. You don't have to enter, but if you do, you're there! Life seems to leave THAT little tidbit out of the "Caveland Brochure". So anyway, for around fifteen years, I've been here. Oh sure, I've had contact with the outside world; I’ve interacted with my family, and have had occasional opportunities for "flashes" of community and relationship. But at night, when I sleep, or in the serenity of the morning drinking coffee, I'm reminded.... in my "situation", the cave is only intended for two...Love Himself and me. While a citizen of "Caveland", you see faces, hear voices, watch people pass, and observe life happening around you, only it seems like you're watching it all unfold from behind a glass wall. You can't "really" take part in what's going on. You attempt to engage, awkwardly try to communicate, and try talking to people who are looking at you with confused, blank stares. No one seems to understand what you're saying, where you are, or what YOUR life is about. Many times, it's truly as frustrating as heck! The cave experience affords you plenty of time to think, to evaluate, to reveal, and to learn. The choice is yours. You can do your time there in pity, pouting, and anger, or, you can surrender to the seasonal surroundings, sort of like Tom Hanks in the classic movie, "Castaway". Should you choose to accept this mission, an incredible process awaits you! It is futile to "logically" anticipate or speculate about the series of often enigmatic and confusing events that might happen while "hangin" in the cave. Doing so only sets you up for frustration and fear. It's best to go with the flow of the cave, embracing each moment in trust and rest. The cave can offer a time of repose and stillness EVEN in the absence of any foreseeable answers or direction. You will never feel more helpless than when you are in the cave, but you will never be more safe, more loved, and more significant in the heart of Love Himself. As I sit alone in my own corner of this cave, I have fewer answers than I had when I entered. I had more plans, goals, and strategy when I entered than I do now. I was more self-assured, manipulative, and intelligent when I entered than I am now. But somehow, as my process in this cave has progressed, I find a strange peace in the unknown, an inward strength that is not my own. I am beginning to see a recovery of my true identity form out of the pain of my frustration, out of the bitterness of perceived rejection. It's almost like a cleansing--a stripping away-- is taking place, and a childlike wonder and untainted trust is beginning to awaken inside a new heart where skepticism and cynicism no longer have a home. And my mind is no longer obsessed with knowing every answer, or being able to arrive at a logical conclusion for every when, where, why, and how, but simply resting in THE Answer--my identity in Christ--and finding the grace and faith to believe in the security of that identity, regardless of present circumstances or emotions. I'm learning to see EVERYTHING through the lens of who I am in Christ, and what that looks like in everyday existence. You see, in this cave where I'm still hangin' out I've been made aware of how distracted I've been through the years, and how my perspective on so many things has been grossly distorted. I have been searching for significance from the outside in, and holding other people unfairly to standards and expectations that I, even in my wildest dreams and fantasies, could never reach. What the cave has been revealing, though painful and sometimes paralyzing has started to bring healing. And the simplicity of it all is beginning to shine through, how Love Himself is my purpose, my identity, my "calling" in life. Circumstances change, and emotions waiver. They are as fickle as shifting sands and fading shadows, certainly not foundations that life can be built on. I don't know how much longer I'll be in this cave, or if "achievement" and "opportunity" will knock on my door anytime soon. I guess I'm okay with that, because "those" don't define me anymore. I'm significant in the watchful eyes of my son and daughter, and I'm a success in the smile of my beautiful bride! It is a most baffling paradox that I'm learning in this cave-- I'm growing stronger in the power of Love Himself--Christ alone-- by becoming weaker, and not fighting for myself. What a freedom I've discovered in surrendering to the cave. I am finding who I am by losing who I thought I was suppose to be. So the journey continues, and I breathe in each new day with no allegiance to worry anymore. My relationship with Love Himself is leading me ever closer to His heart, even here in this cave.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Shame--The Last Stronghold"

Shame is the ultimate "self-saboteur"! Shame and condemnation are the last strongholds that must be torn down for us to exit the long dark night season, and enter into the long-awaited season of purpose and harvest that God has prepared for us--the fruition of the God-given desires and dreams of our heart. Not only have we already been set free from condemnation through the blood of Jesus, and His finished atoning work at the cross, but because we have been set free, it is important to remember that we must also release people from our self-imposing shame on them. This includes our disapproval of their choices, our condemning the ways we perceive they have treated us, and the shame of unfulfilled expectations. Many of these, we have projected onto God as well. Doing so keeps us in a lifestyle of trying to perform for God, living under the constant threat of shame that we will never be enough, or can never do enough. We are accepted in the beloved, so no exterior rejections are valid, or significant. Religion is a system that is based on shame and performance, and this system has perpetuated much of this shame even in the name of God and morality. Shame can be generational, and a learned behavior as well. We try to manipulate our relationships, and the behavior of others as it relates to us through shame. These are toxic mindsets that we have been set free from through Christ. It is time now to walk into that freedom supernaturally and practically by the power of the Holy Spirit. We often use judgment, condemnation, and shame toward others to make us feel better about our issues that we struggle with. We must release everyone from our shame, and release them to the mercy and goodness of God. Including cases where we feel that their choices and actions reflect badly on us, or affect us negatively, we must release them from owing us any explanation or "compensation". Our compensation and justice are God's business, not ours. (Vengeance is HIS, HE will repay) No one owes us anything, and the sooner we can release them from any of our shame, the sooner we will move into complete freedom, and enjoy the long-awaited harvest of this new season. We are no longer victims, therefore we must not blame or shame anyone any longer, in an attempt to keep them as victims of our condemnation and shame, somehow making us feel better about ourselves. We do not need anyone's approval, so quit making others feel like they need our approval, by trying to shame them into conformity or behavior that is acceptable to us. We are beloved children of God, and in our identity in Christ, God is well pleased with us. That is reality, and that is what we should reflect in ourselves, and project to others. We have been set free, and now we can release others from the prison of our shame and condemnation toward them in which we have held them captive. The fruition of freedom awaits! It's independence day!

Monday, September 5, 2016

“Weird Way, Faithful Guide”

It may be confusing to understand the path I'm on. I don't even understand it sometimes. It's unconventional (not usually by choice, I might add). Many question what I "do", my vocation, or what I'm "about", and I'm often left without a concise explanation to give that will assuage the suspicious curiosity of some. But even through the countless times I have felt like a misfit, abnormal, inadequate, shiftless, and useless, one thing remains--the deep, settled peace I have in knowing and trusting that I am where God wants me, becoming who He created me to be, positioned for the opportunities that he created for me, and that He has my heart and my life in the palm of His hand. I can trust Him to speak to me even when so many surrounding and competing voices question what He is saying. No external, modern, "american", or personally biased perspective and definition of manhood, ministry, or noble “duty” determines my worth, my value, my strength, or my relationship with God. Time doesn't bring Him to worry, and age doesn't concern Him at all. The judgments and perceptions of others relative to my productivity or my performance as a “provider” are not important, nor do they determine the validity or legitimacy of the path I take. Before the foundation of the world, I was placed In Christ to do good works, He has already written every volume of my life book. Any choice I have made (or not made) doesn't leave Him without a way to lead me back into alignment with His purpose and will for my life, relative to His Kingdom, and how He has created me to engage it. I have chosen to acknowledge Him first in all my ways before making a decision. This has been my first focus, instead of trying to reason and justify a proactive “doing” in keeping with the often quoted, yet non-scriptural philosophy of “God helps those who help themselves”. I realize that that is a bit of noble sounding self-justification for going my own way according to my comfort zones under the influence of my own will. I have discovered that “doing my part” is a responsive, surrendered move to His initiatives and plan, and not a self motivated agenda to which I invite Him to be a part and “bless” my already begun “efforting.” I have spent many moments in solitude, isolated preparation, and out-of-view obscurity. I have learned that stillness is not laziness when ordained by Him for certain seasons. And busyness is not "noble" when it becomes a distraction from hearing Him and being intimately connected to His heart. My productivity, my value, and my identity are determined by One and One alone. I don’t have to live my life in fear of “missing Him”, of making wrong choices, or of underperforming as a friend, a husband, or a dad. I have been chosen and invited to live out the "book" He has already written for my life. My choices can be trusted in Him. My life can be trusted with Him. Psalms 139 so beautifully comforts my heart in this season--”I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. My life may make sense to no one, people may disagree with my choices. But I answer to the call and the urging of One alone. And in the end, my faith that has directed me on this "weird" path that I've journeyed will be validated and vindicated, by Him alone. So ask me, ask me about my journey; ask me what my purpose is. Don’t be afraid to question my choices, or even understand why I journey the way I do. I’ll tell you, and though the answer may leave you confused, in disagreement, or even challenge your self-reliant perspective, I’ll be happy to share. Because you see it’s not a matter of my dutiful performance, or my talents to achieve. It’s about my complete dependence and trust in who’s Life my hope is found. It’s about an intimate connection, and a willingness to walk completely in His wisdom, by His Spirit, resting in His timing. Even in the mundane, the routine, and the obvious, I put no trust in my own strength, or my mental & intellectual capacity to chart my own course. His will for me isn’t hidden, some mysterious conundrum that I may or may not be able to figure out. It has already been established in Him, and as I am willing to align myself and respond to His initiatives, a grand adventure awaits. It won’t make much sense to my sense of common sense or reason, and it may be difficult or even impossible to explain to the pragmatist or the analytical, purely logic-driven mind. It goes against the grain of my nature not to attack life in a proactive, self-initiated manner, but I’ve had to come to the realization that my part is wholly responsive to what He’s already initiated for me. My “part” is to hear, and then follow. And my following is not even dependent on my ability to walk in my own power, but rather a willingness to surrender to His power within, and be carried in His wisdom, by His Spirit. It may not seem a journey for the fearful or faint of heart, and yet that is whom He often calls. Just ask Gideon or Moses. Because, it’s not my weakness that disqualifies me, or my past that derails my destiny. I can follow, even in the fog, when I feel woefully inadequate, insecure, or afraid. It’s His strength that carries me, my identity in Him that establishes me, and His wisdom that guides my steps. And so I journey in surrender, realizing where my life comes from. I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone, not even to myself. As I am, here and now, I can rejoice in the reality that to my Father, I am perfectly beloved, and He is well pleased with me.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

"The Lament of a Body"

We speak relevant words of current culture, no matter how dark or shallow they may be. We offer “christian” morsels to the masses while partaking of their mentality. We've become content in fashioning appearances with the words we've learned to say, while the life in our reality is being lived a different way. And the culture grows darker as our words of protest grow louder still. We've played the part of a body, but the life that is seen is just not real. Until we return to and live from the source of our true identity, we’ll remain an earthly system, though disingenuously “sanitized” we may be. And all the kingdoms we have built, in your name and for Your cause, “Godly” forms without Your power, traditions of men and performance-driven laws. So in this time of historical shift, we humbly come to the One Head of us all. Denominations, titles, and career achievements no longer validate Your call. But to the Cross we now return, hungry for Your life in us to burn, burn in passion and in rest, trusting You to give Your best! The abundant Life that covers all, every aspect of our living, including our call. The call from You to reign complete, in Christ alone, our wings and feet. And we’ll live full and free indeed, as Your Spirit guides us, supplying more than we need. And as Your heart and face become all that the hungry hear and see, they’ll be drawn to You, and find unspeakable joy, glorious hope, and surpassing peace. As our prayers arise to You, oh God, we patiently wait to receive, and in child like faith, we expect above and beyond all we can ask or conceive. We humble ourselves, and return to YOUR call, believing You’ll hear us and heal us all. May Your Kingdom, Your Will, and the identity of our New Birth, be established as experiential reality in Your body, in our lives, as in heaven, here on earth.

Friday, August 5, 2016

“Political Perspective 2016”, Part 2

I don't care how you spin it or lamely attempt to justify it, but in THIS election and cultural climate, a third party vote IS a wasted vote, and a non-vote—as a conservative—is a de-facto vote for HilLIEry. I have in the past hoped for an independent or third party. I consider myself an independent, politically, and I’ve been hoping for another choice for years, other than the “tainted” two party system. Unfortunately, in this election, the choice is so clear to me. It is beyond politics. It's the ideology of Hillary and the far left and their dangerous agenda that would absolutely be disastrous for a country built on Judeo-Christian principles. Yes, I said Judeo Christian principles. Trump is obviously no choirboy. But I dare say, that most of the slamming and lambasting of Trump that is going on originates from people who don't have a clue, and are only parroting the nonsense and rhetoric that they hear the biased media and "faux" fact checkers spew. NONE of them have any credible basis to formulate an opinion on him, since they have not spent one minute with the man. I see his family, and that is a huge ringing endorsement of him as a person. Personally, I do see Donald Trump as a man who God can raise up as an outsider – an imperfect person – to carry out the purposes of God's kingdom. And for those of you pouting, petulant people who tout Ted Cruz, and his principled stands, I would like to ask you, what about the principle of honesty? Does that matter? He insisted that Trump commit to not run on the third-party ticket if he did not win the nomination, and Trump kept his word and did so. However, the "reverend" Ted Cruz himself made the commitment to endorse and support the eventual nominee, even if it was not him. Of course, as millions watched his speech at the RNC, Ted Cruz went back on his word, and even his preacher persona did little to hide his hypocritical, disingenuous display of a supposed Christian.
When God raises up someone for a certain purpose, you can expect tremendously intense opposition, misrepresentation, and attempted discrediting, from those whose opinions are baseless, divisive, uneducated, and completely ignorant--oftentimes even from those who claim to speak for God Himself. It rarely fails that those who speak the loudest, and in the most derogatory of terms against someone, are usually those who know them the least. In my estimation, this election is so far beyond politics. It’s about a nation being willing to let God have a say in who He chooses to raise up as a leader—even within a corrupt system—not to improve the system, but to be willing to allow God to replace the system with His Kingdom purpose. Check history, and you will see throughout the eons of time, that God has raised up the “unqualified”, the “outsider”, the renegade, and even the unbeliever, whose heart He changed, and directed Him to greatly impact culture, and direct nations back to the heart and purpose of God. And you know the crazy thing is that often times the ones who missed His plan and resisted His direction, were the ones who claimed to speak for Him—“the insiders”.
Quick question here, of all those conservative, principled "zealots" on here who are so staunch and adamant in their refusal to vote for Trump, how many of you same folks DID vote for Romney back in 2012? You DO realize that he was a non-christian--a mormon, right? So explain your "non-hypocritical" logic in that. And also, while you're at it, remind me again how you know better than God almighty about who He may or may not be "allowed" to choose to raise up for this time. Shouldn't you be seeking the heart of God relative to His plans for this time, instead of tripping up over your self-righteous, inconsistent, pseudo saintly principles? Let HIS heart guide your votes, not your opinions on Trump, or your self-exalted conservative principles. This is just a thought. You DO know that God has a history of raising up imperfect, outsider, renegade, failing, and downright sinful type folks to accomplish many of His plans and purposes, right? And many of them turned their hearts toward God, and became great leaders and world changers. What makes you so certain that this could NEVER happen to Trump?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

“Political Perspective 2016”, Part 1 (Yes, I’m Saying What Many Are Thinking”)

I try to refrain from sharing needless political posts or engaging in shallow back and forth with twisted ideologues and hacks who are separated from any semblance of rational thought or reality. I realize the needs in our culture are spiritual issues at the core, which will never be settled or healed through political solutions. Having said that, and having been inundated with these type posts on my newsfeed, I thought I'd make a couple of observations and declarations. Sandy Hook, Ft. Hood, the theatre shooting in Colorado, San Bernardino, and Orlando…NONE of these were the result of needing more gun control. If you honestly believe that, or that we should open our borders without discernment to any refugee looking for shelter or asylum, all in the name of culturally defined “love” or “compassion”, you are as delusional as the clueless leadership we've had in this country for the last few years. Call me racist, call me islamophobic, call me whatever you choose, as often as you choose. Your ignorant accusations will still not be true. We have to refuse to bow to this evil blowhard sham of a bully--political correctness. Boldly we must declare truth in love! We must courageously speak out against evil and those who would perpetrate it, including those in high places that facilitate it. The simple reality is that islam is NOT a religion of peace. It is a creation of evil itself which holds millions of souls captive who need to be freed by the savior of the world, Jesus Christ. And yes, we need to be ready and willing to share the good news with them, but it is woefully unwise to assume and delusional to think you can "reason with", understand, or placate their hate, somehow causing them to relent in their terror and aggression, and suddenly develop an affinity toward us, or those who don’t abide by the quran. That is the ultimate display of stupidity and foolishness. And before you carelessly try to shame me for my stance, you might want to recall how Jesus Himself used wisdom in avoiding going to certain places when He knew they were trying to kill Him. If people aren't ready to receive what you’re offering--no matter how Life giving--you’re wasting your time. A better approach, I believe, is listening to the wisdom of God, and trusting Him to direct you to those who are seeking His salvation, and His Hope. This enemy--carrying out the very heart of satan, and has been through the eons of time--isn’t interested in making deals, coming to a compromise, or showing compassion for any other religious beliefs or ideology. To them, it is “conform or die”. Their oppression against women and vitriol toward Israel, America, and Christians overall is reprehensible! And to think that a disingenuous, dishonest, and corrupt politician, who claims to represent the good of minorities, women, and the LGBT community, actually displays a worldview that is sympathetic toward those savages, and even facilitates this kind of hatred against those very people that they claim to protect and speak for, is beyond the realm of sanity and reason! And those in high places of power, money, and global influence, and those “lame duck” leaders of our country refuse to recognize, identify, or admit the extreme foundations that this whole religion is built on. It seems that the global “powers that be” hope to create instability, division, and fear, for THOSE create a climate conducive to control, manipulation, and corruption. I've not seen a greater abuse of power and freedom than what is being displayed by this administration, Hillary and her cronies, and most of the media as they scramble to spread and incessantly "parrot" empty rhetoric and false, misleading talking points in a desperate attempt to "handle", promote, and protect the Clinton/Obama agenda (which is obviously originating from a place much "higher up" and more sinister than their "puppet-on-a-string world”), by promoting insane propaganda, manipulating the narrative, distorting truth, and using meaningless distraction to try and keep others from recognizing and declaring what the root issues really are that we are facing today. Hate is but a symptom of a heart problem; it is not a gun problem! That is an incredibly foolish and clueless accusation that they are pedaling to the masses! THEY are the ones who are politicizing EVERYTHING--including the Orlando tragedy, and every mass shooting over the past 8 years--and keeping divisiveness alive and well. Please understand that the speaking truth in love, and being bold in calling out things that need to be exposed is NOT politicizing! The political correctness police and their army of lock step media minions will try to bully you and label you as such, in order to keep you from doing just that--exposing their agenda, and their horribly corrupt worldview! I realize that I am giving my perspective from the foundation of a Christ-centered worldview. So if your worldview is not formed from that place, what I'm saying will perhaps be lost on you. I'm not interested in arguing. That is futile. I'm simply hoping to awaken those of us who call ourselves Christ followers--not in a religious, ritualistic, principle-laden manner of speaking, but in an experiential, supernaturally and practically lived, relationally connected reality--to shift our focus back to the Source of the only Hope that our country and our world has, and let our words, our choices, our reactions, and our strategies be determined and carried out from there! If your political ideology, emotionally hijacked opinions, or party loyalty are what drive your decisions in this election season, instead of an unbiased, wisdom-led, and informed understanding of what is actually facilitating this hate, terror, and division, you are misguided, and being manipulated by those who don't represent you, but rather, are only interested in controlling and exploiting you. Wise up folks! Outside of a calculated path to political and social power--using YOU as pawns who are politically expedient and beneficial to their self-absorbed agendas--these charlatans are not for the poor, the little guy, the minorities, or the middle class, nor are they interested in YOUR freedoms! They have a dark, dangerous agenda for our country and beyond. We can no longer acquiesce to their incessant chirping, and wildly proclaimed stereotyping of anyone who dares disagree with their worldview and politically biased opinions. Stand strong, speak out, resist, and expose the darkness by shining THE Light! But make sure we confront the evil--not on their own terms, or with their own weapons--but rather, we must be led by the wisdom of the Spirit of God revealing to us His strategies, utilizing mighty weapons we have through Him to the pulling down of these strongholds. Don’t fight flesh on flesh. We’ll lose every time. Fight this battle from our place of proper identity alignment, In Christ, who has been made for us the very wisdom of God. Avoid the noise. Stay out of the mud. Tune out the hucksters in the media who ALL have an agenda to drive and a scam to sell. Stay tuned in to the voice of His Spirit, as He guides us to know how to respond, what to speak, and when to listen. May His Kingdom come, His will be done here in earth, as it is in heaven. Pray that HIS chosen leaders will arise, with the boldness of a lion, and the heart of a David! And even if our “principled perspectives” will not allow us to acknowledge or support His choice for leader--though imperfect or unconventional they may be--it would behoove us to have the humility and wisdom to understand and submit to His omniscience and will, understanding that He knows a whole lot more about the grand scheme of things. I realize that reality may come as a compete shock to our sanctimonious convictions and deeply held opinions of who we deem worthy to lead our country. I choose to trust and rest in the truth that His Kingdom will prevail, and I have decided to side with His power, wisdom, and choice to set up whom He will, and take down whom He will. Ultimately, I believe that His body will be triumphant--not just in the sweet by and by--in this earth, as His Kingdom is established. Let the collective cry of our hearts be, Thy Kingdom, Thy on earth, as in Heaven! Let’s move forward, boldly, confidently, in His grace, love, and wisdom, and watch this become a tangible reality! Onward & upward! “The kingdom (dominion, rule) of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ; and He will reign forever and ever.”--Revelation 11:15 (AMP)